CEN 265 Digital Design Lab

Digital Design Lab Announcements and Documents


  • There won’t be any face-to-face lab sessions.
  • Every week or biweekly you are responsible to deliver homework(s) and/or projects.
  • There won’t be midterm and final exam.
  • All of the grading will be from assignments.
  • All the announcements will be maden from this webpage (https://aa.bbs.tr/lab/cen265-digital-design/)
  • You have to learn how to use git and github. Homework submissions will be trough github classroom.
  • Students need to accept every assignment from below assignment list.
  • Students need to select (roaster) their student number from the list.
  • After deadline, students wont be able to make changes in their repositories.

Github Classroom Assignments


Grades will be available on Google Sheets soon.

Old Lab Assignments

  • Below resources are previous years lab sessions experiments.

Lab 1 - Presentation
Lab 2 - Exp1
Lab 3 - Exp2
Lab 4 - Exp3
Lab 5 - Exp4
Lab 6 - Exp5
Lab 7 - Exp6
Lab 8 - Exp7
Lab 9 - Exp8 - Clock
Lab 10 - Exp9

Simulation Program

A digital logic designer and circuit simulator.



Computer Organization and Design Fundamentals by David Tarnoff
Logic Functions and Gates
Boolean Algebra
Standard Boolean Expression Formats
Karnaugh Maps
Combinational Logic Applications

Equipments List

MalzemeÜrün KoduAdet
Nand Gate74LS004
Nor Gate74LS022
Not Gate74LS042
And Gate74LS082
Schmitt Trigger74LS141
Or Gate74LS322
7 Segment Display Driver74LS471
JK Flip Flop74LS763
XOR Gate74LS861
Shift Register74LS1642
Up Down Counter74LS1931
Potansiyometre 100 KΩ Mono2
5mm Led10
Bread Board1
5V 1,6A Switch Mode Adaptör1
330 Direnç10
100 mF kondansatör1
timsah kablo2
Research Assistant

My research interests include Digital Image Processing, 3D Mesh Compression, 3D Scanning, Image Features, Aerial Image Acquisition, SLAM, Structure-from-Motion, Photogrammetry, UAV/UAS/Drone.