CEN 214 Microprocessors Lab

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Intel 8086


All grades will be announced here. Google Sheet

Lab Sessions

First Session Second Session
10.30 13.30


Lab Instruction Codes
Lab 1 MOV, ADD, SUB 1, 2, 3
Lab 2 Loop, INC, DEC 1, 2
Lab 3 CMP, JMP, Jcc 1, 2, 3
Lab 4 ADC, SBB 1, 2, 3
Lab 5 STOS, LODS, MOVS, REP 1,2,3
Lab 6 MUL, DIV 1,2,3,4
Lab 7 INT, LEA 1,2,3
Lab 8 SHL, SAL, SHR, SAR 1,2,3,4
Lab 9 ROL, RCL, ROR, RCR 1,2,3
Lab 10 PUSH, POP 1
Lab 11 CALL, PROC 1
Lab 12 Exercises 1,Exercises 2

Online Course Records

Previous year online course records are available here.

Download Section

We will use emu8086 emulator to simulate our assembly code. Kindly download and install on your computer with the below download link. This program will be available in our lab computers but I suggest you to install and code on your own environment.


Research Assistant

My research interests include Digital Image Processing, 3D Mesh Compression, 3D Scanning, Image Features, Aerial Image Acquisition, SLAM, Structure-from-Motion, Photogrammetry, UAV/UAS/Drone.